Art is the instant when someone is emotionally moved by something that you have created. - Lorne Resnick

Henri Leduc photographing in the Cotopaxi national park

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” (Robert Frost)

I’m a Belgian based in Ecuador since 1992.

I began photography seriously in the years 1985-86 shooting films and taking slides during my trips. I was working during this period as a mountain guide, a rock climber instructor and a tourist guide. In 1987 I explored Lapland by sky and in 1989 I made a world premiere by crossing alone, in total autonomy and in the middle of the Artic winter, the Spitsberg island, the most northern land on earth. I also guided kayaking expeditions in Alaska and ornithology tours in Namibia and in the Lofoten islands.
Those trips allowed me to present in 1990 a portfolio to the Avianca airline, because I wanted to discover South America. And I reached to obtain from them two assignments along with two free air tickets, one for Ecuador and one for Bolivia. I spend 3 months in each country and fell in love with this wonderful country of Ecuador were I thus settled down in 1992.

Unfortunately I lost great part of my equipment in the difficult conditions of the Amazon but in 2003 I picked up my passion again by shifting to digital.

My first love is thus  landscape photography. I consider myself like an Earth citizen, part of the Cosmos. I love life, freedom, nature. To communicate these values ​​through images is one of my passions.

In 2010, I started the project “NovaPictura and Art“, to spread and to give more accessibility to the artistic culture in Ecuador thanks to the diffusion of reproductions by the “giclée” impression technique of paintings from contemporary Ecuadorian painters.
Therefore I specialized in digital high fidelity reproduction of paintings.

And as a consequence all what involves studio lighting techniques is now also captivating me:  portraits, interior design photography, architecture, …

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