Birdwatching point - Amazon forest - Archidona

Birdwatching point - Amazon forest - Archidona

Nikon D700 – 35 mm – F14 – 1/25 – ISO 800   –   © Henri Leduc

It’s quite difficult to take pictures when in the Amazon area, except if you are a wildlife or a macro photographer with good specialized gear and with a lot of experience. But for a landscape photographer I find it very difficult to achieve an image that renders the jungle and it’s atmosphere. When inside the forest, vegetation is too dense, your POV has a perimeter of one and a half meter and it’s really dark. That’s why most of the pictures in this Amazon portfolio were taken nearby a lagoon or on a river. The only way to more or less represent the luxuriant and dense vegetation is from an observation tower or, like this one, from some rare birdwatching point which are some high elevation places, on a hill for example, were vegetation isn’t too exuberant and were you can have a somewhat open view on the jungle. Even then, as can see I had to raise the iso’s to 800 in order to have at least a 1/25 of sec. with my camera on a tripod.


Archidona is a small town located north of Tena, Ecuador in the Napo Province. It is located at 600 meters asl at the beginning of the Amazon basin. This area has rich and unique ecosystems of primary forest and endemic flore and fauna.

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