Antisana volcano 5758m

This is a non planned image. I mean, usually you prepare your shots, you already know what you want to take, when, etc., ... And sometimes there is just something in front of you and you say " Whaouh!", and often you don't know why. For this one, I was in the car with my family and I shout "stop the car". I got that "wow effect", but I don't know why, because the landscape was very flat and boring (Paramo plateau). The clouds were beautiful, of course, but in those cases you don't need to analyze, just feel and try to traduce your "wow effect".
Antisana volcano 5758 m and paramo plateau

Nikon D800E – 50 mm – F16 – 1/100 – ISO 200   –   © Henri Leduc

Antisana volcano


The Antisana is the fourth highest volcano of Ecuador with an altitude of 5758 m (18,891 ft). It is also one of the largest. He lies on a vast plateau of typical páramo tundra ecosystem. Here at 4020 m asl (13,190 ft)