Bouldered shore Machalilla park

Bouldered shore Machalilla park

Nikon D800E – 19 mm – F18 – 1/60 – ISO 200   –   © Henri Leduc
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Follow … It was the lines in the rocky shore that obviously caught my attention, but the sun was already high in the sky (7:30 AM) and the light diffused and flatten by the clouds and it was difficult the render what my brain was seeing  🙂

Bouldered shore

Machalilla National Park is located on the southern coast of Ecuador (Manabi province). The marine environment is characterized and defined by the diverse ocean currents that mix here – the warm waters of El Niño, the cold Humbolt current and the Equatorial cross current. This conflux of currents gives rise to a unique ecosystem with high biodiversity.



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