Cayambe night camp at 4790 m

Composing an image at night, finding the right place to put your tripod, lighting more or less the landscape with your lamp, then trying to focus on something and trying to find the good exposure time, aperture and ISO... Takes time... And at 4790 m ASL. (15,700 ft), at night, with a little wind blowing... It's freezing cold.! I also light painted my tent from inside with my led headlamp. So I had to press the remote shutter, run into my tent, light paint the walls and run back to the camera in the time that I had more or less planned for a good exposure.
Cayambe peak night camp 4790 m

Nikon D800E – 19 mm – F5,6 – 72 sec. – ISO 100   –   © Henri Leduc

Cayambe base camp


Full moon lights the Cayambe volcano (5390 m) and the little lagoon at his foot, resulting of the melting of his glaciers.