Cayambe volcano and Andes páramo

I was guiding a group of French tourist on a hike to the summit of the Cubilche volcano. The kind of situation that doesn't suit at all if you want to take (make !) pictures. Fortunately for me, one of the persons was in bad physic conditions and I had an assistant with me. I send him to guide the head of the group and I stayed with the last hiker... which permit me to walk-run a few hundred meters uphill looking for an interesting point of view, run down to meet my hiker, run up looking for a POV, and so on. That's how I managed to take this image of the Cayambe volcano.
Cayambe volcano

Nikon D700 – 80 mm – F20 – 1/250 – ISO 200   –   © Henri Leduc
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The páramo is the ecosystem of the regions above the continuous forest line, yet beneath the permanent snow line.
This vegetation type is scattered along the crests of the highest mountain ranges or on isolated mountaintops between about 3000 meters (m) and 5000 m. Here on the flanks of the Culbiche mountain at +/- 3700 m.