Laguna Negra Cuyabeno

Laguna Negra - Cuyabeno national park

Nikon D80 – 17 mm (=25 mm full frame) – F2,8 – 1/80 – ISO 110   –   © Henri Leduc
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It was the end of the day, 5:31 PM, and the lighting for this scene was poor, due to the dense vegetation that surrounded the lagoon. I wanted to keep my iso as low as posible, because I knew that my D80 added quickly noise when raising the iso’s. So, I had to open at F2,8 in order to have at least a 1/80 sec (I’m really bad when shooting handheld and never have a sharp image when I’m at 1/60 or lower), I agree that it’s not the best focal length when shooting a landscape (it’s probably the worst !), but light and reflections were so beautiful, that I had to take the shot. And, well, after some post processing improvements, I’m really happy I made the shot 🙂

Laguna Negra Cuyabeno



The Cuyabeno national park is considered to be a sanctuary of wild life and includes areas of the highest value for the conservation of the biodiversity, not only of equator, but of the world. Here can be find the biggest lacustrine tropical systems of the country: the Cuyabeno river and the Lagarto river.
The Laguna Negra is a beautiful example of the big lacustrine tropical system that can be found in the Cuyabeno national park.

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