Mirrored Nevado Cayambe

I spend one and a half hour in front of this beautiful view of the Cayambe volcano trying different composition. But above all I was waiting for a beautiful illumination because my mind was seeing something, but my camera couldn't traduce it in an image. This picture is one of the final shots of this session and was taken at 9:06 AM.
Cayambe volcano at 4790 m asl

Nikon D800E – 26 mm – F18 – 1/60 – ISO 200   –   © Henri Leduc


The Cayambe, the third highest summit of Ecuador (5390 m) reflects his picture in the swallow waters of the lagoon resulting of the melting of his glaciers. Here at 4790 m asl (15,715 ft)

Cayambi or Cayanqui, in the ancient Quitu and Quechua language, is the original name of the volcano Cayambe and means “water, the source of life,”.