Rio Cuyabeno

Cuyabeno river - Ecuador Amazon national park

Nikon D80 – 18 mm (=27 mm full frame) – F8 – 1/160 – ISO 100   –   © Henri Leduc
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This image was taken during a 5 day’s Amazon river cruise in the Cuyabeno national park in Ecuador. And this is the Cuyabeno river just after a rain fall. Rain falls in the Amazon region are usually strong and sudden, but doesn’t last too long, normally. It’s common to have an alternance of rain falls and clear skies which has the effect to clean the air, given you beautiful skies and a big rise in the level of the water that then turns (still) more brownish …  And that’s what I tried to show here.

Cuyabeno river

“The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve (Reserva de Producción Faunística Cuyabeno) is a 603,380 ha lowland tropical rainforest in the Amazon region of Ecuador with some of the highest biodiversity on earth. It is the only Amazon park close to the Andes with a dense network of beautiful lakes and navigable creeks. It’s the second largest park in the Ecuador! The park reaches all the way to the border with Peru where it joins with parks in Colombia and Peru, thus creating one of the largest park complexes in the Amazon region.” –

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