San Gabriel houses colorful facades

San Gabriel houses colorful facades

Nikon D800E – 35mm – F8 – 1/500 – ISO 100   –   © Henri Leduc

As I said before I was quite lucky for this work, because I only had 2 days to make the cover of the village and his region. Two days, that in practice, due to the road travel, were shortened to only a few afternoon hours and a morning. The afternoon was spend in reconnoitering and I was lucky enough to get beautiful warm sunlight in the morning. Most of the picture were thus taken between 6 and 7 AM. This one was taken at 6:45 AM. I managed also to take some good pictures at noon and in the early hours of the afternoon, but of course not with this gold warm touch given by a beautiful sunrise light.

San Gabriel

Walking through the streets of San Gabriel is like being there a hundred years ago. The houses provide a cozy atmosphere with their simple, colorful facades and balconies that have been home to several families for generations.

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