San Gabriel matriz church at dawn

San Gabriel matriz church at dawn

Nikon D800E – 35mm – F22 – 1/40 – ISO 100   –   © Henri Leduc

As I explained in the previous picture I scouted the village in the afternoon the day before, so I knew that the front of the church was going to be lit up by the rising sun. That’s why the first pictures I took where of course the ones of the front facade of the church (see previous image). Then I started to walk through the streets in search for colorful colonial houses facades.
The first street I took was the one on the side of the church … And that’s when I saw my very long shadow stretching out along the cobblestones and I looked back : whoa! Lesson: always be ready and watchful and always change your position and try different angles of light … Even if you planned well in advance one specific illumination.

San Gabriel

In the American cities, the main church is located in the central square, but in the case of the San Gabriel village, it is located at a block of distance from the main plaza and reproducing what the Indian laws (Leyes de Indias) mentioned in the case of the main temple: “In Mediterranean places the temple is not build in the square, but somewhat distant from it, …. and that it can be seen of all parts and better venerated.
This is the only church in Ecuador that has been build that way.

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