San Gabriel Matriz Church

The Matriz catholic church in the San Gabriel village

Nikon D800E – 19mm – F5,6 – 1/250 – ISO 400   –   © Henri Leduc

I was lucky for this assignment in the San Gabriel village because practically I only had a few hours in the morning to make the coverage with good light. I woke up at 5:30 AM and yes the sky was clear and a beautiful sun was going to illuminate the streets. I scouted the village in the afternoon the day before so I knew that the church was going to be lit up by the rising sun. This was thus the first place I had to go to. After some « draft » shots I was able to find the right composition with a beautiful soft light illuminating the facade. This was taken at 6:30 AM.

San Gabriel

According to the Laws of the Indies : « In mediterranean places the temple is not constructed in the square but somewhat distance distanced from it… Because it is betters and revered everywhere, being somewhat elevated from the ground, in such a way that one must enter going up steps… ».
The Laws of the Indies are a body of laws issued during the XVI and XVII century by the Spanish Crown to control their American and Philippine territories.