Mirador view of the San Gabriel village

A mirador view of the village of San Gabriel in Ecuador

Nikon D800E – 50mm – F11 – 1/250 – ISO 100   –   © Henri Leduc

This was an assignment for the « Ecuador Infinito » magazine in Ecuador. They wanted to cover some of the cities in Ecuador classified as cultural patrimony. The San Gabriel village is one of them.
Not so an easy task, because I only had 2 days to achieve the coverage and … well the village, except for his church and some streets, isn’t very photogenic  :-).
But, so it is. That’s when you need to put all your art and creativity in action, remember all the skills and tricks that you’ve learn, think in a plan B, and a plan C, and when your understand perfectly the quote « there is no good light or bad light, there is only light ». Only for this picture I had to go back three times to the same place and I finally entered in a house in construction and climbed to the last floor to be able to take this view.

San Gabriel

The San Gabriel village is one of 24 places in Ecuador with the title of « National Cultural Patrimony » for their historic center. And this village is mostly famous for his Matriz church, a unique example in the country of a Christian church build according to the Laws of the Indies, which are a body of laws issued during the XVI and XVII century by the Spanish Crown to control their American and Philippine territories.