Cotopaxi Cara Sur - South face Cotopaxi Volcano

This picture was taken at 9 AM a little above the Cara Sur refuge (4000 m / 13,123 ft.), located, as its name suggests, on the slopes of the south face of Cotopaxi volcano.
Cotopaxi Cara Sur - South Face Cotopaxi Volcano

Nikon D80 – 38 mm (57 mm full frame) – F11 – 1/500 – ISO 400   –   © Henri Leduc

Cotopaxi Cara Sur


The south face of the Cotopaxi volcano (5897 m). Normal ascent route is located nowadays on the N-W face of the Cotopaxi. The south face was the original route of the first ascent made by Wilhelm Reiss November 28, 1872.