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Galleries Overview

Latin America landscapes and travel photography.

A selection of photos organized by themes. Landscape photography in Latin America, mainly in Ecuador, but also in Chile and Costa Rica. I have also put together some photographs of the topics that I like the most: nightscapes, architecture and cities photography. But you will also find travel photo galleries, people photography and some of my on-assigment photography works.

Personal Favorites

A selection of my favorite landscapes photos. It doesn’t especially mean they’re my very best images. They just have a special meaning to me.

Mountains & Volcanoes

I was a mountain guide for many years. Mountains have always had a great impact on me and they still do. Mountain landscapes always cause me a lot of emotions. I hope to transmit them in these photographs.

Lakes, rivers & waterfalls

I love photographing water whether in the form of waterfalls, streams, lagoons or lakes. Here are some pictures of beautiful landscapes views with water.


Seashores can be places of great drama and mood. A collection of images of the ocean interacting with rugged coastlines or wild, natural sand beaches.

The Amazon forest

Photographing the Amazon rainforest isn’t easy. It is huge, dense, dark, messy. It’s really difficult to isolate a subject, even animals or birds. Some images to illustrate the beauty of the Amazon.

Galápagos islands

The Galápagos are an earthly paradise: “enchanted islands” where live in peace, far from humans, exceptional, wonderful and unique animals. Living in Ecuador, I was lucky enough to be able to visit this harsh paradise 6 times.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an ecological gem with 1/3 of its territory protected in reserves and national parks. There it is “Pura Vida”, the pure life or the art of being in symbiosis with nature.


Vast expanses, mountains, lakes, snow, ice … This is Patagonia. Travel and landscape photographies of the wild southern nature that will delight lovers of wide open spaces and beautiful mountains.


As a photographer there is nothing more captivating for me than capturing the light and the emotion of a scene. Night photographies show the world under a completely different light and with greater depth and heightened emotional quality.

Architecture & Cities

Graphics and lines of a building, a city or a historic monument appeal to me as much as a beautiful landscape. Seeing the light, the details and convey the beauty, mood or personality of the architecture is a part of photography that I love.

Latin America natives

I am fortunate to live in Ecuador, a country that is absolutely fascinating by its diversity and its exoticism. But the richness of Ecuador does not only lie in its countless different ecosystems, but also in the many ethnic groups and local cultures that it hosts.

On Assigment works

Some of my works as a writer and travel photographer. Images from specific missions requested by magazines. Also photography works for interior and exterior comercial photography requested by tourism actors.

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