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Galleries Overview

A selection organized by themes of landscapes, travel and people photography. And the topics that I like the most: nightscapes, architecture photography ans some of my on-assigment photography works

Personal Favorites

Selection of my favorite landscapes photos. It doesn’t especially mean they’re my best images. They just have a special meaning to me.

Lakes, rivers & waterfalls

I love photographing water whether in the form of waterfalls, streams, lagoons or lakes. Here some beautiful landscapes views with water


Seashores can be places of great drama and mood. A collection of images of the ocean interacting with rugged coastlines or wild, natural sand beaches.

The Amazon

Photographing the Amazon rainforest isn’t easy. It is dense, dark, messy, really difficult to isolate a subject, except animals or birds, and render the atmosphere, but it is such a fascinating ecosystem

Mountains & Volcanoes

I was a mountain guide for many years. Mountains have always had a great impact on me and they still do. Mountain landscapes always cause me a lot of emotions. I hope to transmit them in these photographs.


Costa Rica



Architecture & Cities

Latin America natives

On Assigment works

Available for freelance photography work

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