Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Photo Gallery

Photography of the some of the most remarkable rivers, places and wildlife of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador

I want to show you here a gallery of some pictures of animals in the Amazon rainforest, rainforest scenes and amazon rivers and lagoons. The power of life that emanates from a primary tropical forest is colossal. The beauty, majesty and richness of the Amazon rainforest overwhelms all those lucky enough to live the impressive experience of standing in the heart of its marvelous biodiversity. It is a universe of its own, immense, mysterious, confusing and poignant, where one feels the immense power of nature and the fragility of the human being.

The Amazon is a territory that encompasses 6.5 million square kilometers. The Amazon basin is home to largest tropical ecosystem on Earth. Of the entire Amazon basin, Ecuador is home to two of the places where the greatest and richest biodiversity in the world has been measured. These are the Amazonian national reserves of Cuyabeno and Yasuni.
Cuyabeno is the second largest Ecuadorian nature reserve. It is well known for its immense biological diversity and renowned as one of the most spectacular sites in the entire Amazon basin. Most of the images in this portfolio come from there.

The Amazon remains one of the most exotic and exciting places on the planet. It is an Eden to be explored with all your senses: its exuberant, chaotic and lush vegetation with its humid earthy smell, accompanied by the song of invisible frogs, the cries of extravagant birds or those of howler monkeys and the constant buzz of a fascinating variety of insects.

It is very difficult to describe in words or to explain all the feelings, all the sensations, that overwhelm the Amazonian explorer. To capture them and translate them into images is, I find, even more difficult. I give you here my photographic attempts to try to transmit the richness and the pristine beauty of the Amazon rainforest.