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Galapagos islands photography. Landscape and wildlife photographs

The Galapagos islands are among the miracles of the natural world by their ability to inspire respect, admiration, deep contact with the power of Life itself. The Galápagos are an Ecuadorian terrestrial paradise: “enchanted islands” where live in peace, far from humans, exceptional, wonderful and unique animals. Living in Ecuador, I was lucky enough to be able to visit this harsh paradise 6 times.

The Galapagos islands ares an internationally-renowned destination for photographers and a dream location to photograph wild life and dramatic and arid landscapes. Thousands of chunks of porous black rock or clay material spread across the surface of the Galapagos Islands. People, turtles, iguanas … or cacti and more vegetation grow over these. Galapagos is the result of a volcanic process that began more than 5 million years ago. Its 13 major islands, six minor islands and several islets emerged from the bottom of the sea. Indeed Galapagos sits on a hot spot or volcanic center today the most active on the planet.

In the Galapagos, animals do not run away from humans or any other species. In this part of the world, perhaps the only one, has been achieved by nature a complete disarmament. No weapons, no predators, no conflict, and the fear is then unknown. Nature seems to prove to us that peace through disarmament is not a utopia.