Photography of Lakes, Waterfalls and Rivers
Ecuador Photo Gallery

Photography of some of the most beautiful lakes, waterfalls and rivers of Ecuador

Water in all its forms has always been appealing. Whether it’s waterfalls, lakes, the edge of a river or even the ocean, everyone will agree that it feels good to be near these places.

There is something soothing about the movement and sound of water in nature. And usually this is accompanied by a view of the landscape that is hard to forget.
There are literally thousands of idyllic and photogenic sites of waterfalls, lakes, lagoons and rivers in Ecuador. These waterscapes gems are often hidden and little known by the public.
There have been great moments I have captured in my camera that I love to share.
I offer you in this gallery some of my waterscape images of beautiful little known photogenic sites in Ecuador. Whether it’s waterfalls, lakes or rivers scenery there is something here for everyone.