Night Sky and Nightscapes Images

Night Sky and Landscape Photography – Astrophotography

Night landscape photography is challenging, but extremely rewarding. Imagine the challenge and satisfaction of bringing together a starry night sky and a beautiful foreground, or better yet, a unique landscape feature, into a single landscape composition.

When I photograph, I love being in nature above all. And photographing at night offers a unique perspective, a slower pace. I feel peace and harmony. I can’t imagine a better way to be in the field than to witness a beautiful night sky spreading its magic over a natural beauty.

Landscape sceneries are generally more spectacular at night. And when you photograph them, there is magic happening. Indeed, your camera sees nighttime colors that your eyes do not see. And the night sky that is recorded on your camera is something that your naked eyes do not see. Night landscape photography offers many opportunities to capture and create emotions.

It is a passion of mine to photograph and create epic images of Ecuador’s beautiful Andean and Amazonian landscapes at night. Each image in this nightscapes portfolio has a story and a lot of emotions encapsulated in it.